About Bomonti Leather


Our story begins with our passion for excellent hard work. We want you
to enjoy our work with these beautiful leather goods designed to portray your exquisite personal style, because we believe that your personal style says a lot about you. Which is why we incorporate the best quality leather into your personal accessories. Our hard work results in perfect attention to detail and the types of leather are chosen with a good eye for style and your personal needs.

We are Bomonti Leather and we have passion for quality, design and creating the perfect leather for you.


We want to combine luxurious style and design to create beautiful handmade leather goods of the highest quality. The leather is handled with our passion for our work and your personal style. Our passion drives us to craft every product perfectly detailed while thinking of your needs. That is why our products are beautifully constructed with the best leather and still available for an affordable price.

Business Address

Vissenstraat 32
7324 AL Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

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