Slim Caurdian Black Milan

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  • Slim Caurdian
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Product description

This ultra-compact card holder is a unique product from Bomonti Leather that has given minimalism and user-friendliness a new character. Thanks to its design in which the ultra-smart wallet is almost the same size as credit cards themselves, and the small and compact design, you will have you your cards organized (maximum 5) and stored securely. The RFID protector protects 4 cards that slide upwards with a drawstring. In addition, there is a special compartment without a RFID Protector for the public transport chip card so that you don’t have to take out your card every time. The Bomonti Leather Cardholder Slim gives you a great user experience, stores up to five passes and hardly shows its presence.


Our leather is selected with care and expertise from the highest quality atelier. The class can be felt from the first touch and the style is a pleasure for the eye. The diversity in leather in combination with the different colors enriches our range for every taste. Our products do not need more than three seconds to make you a permanent member of Bomonti Leather Family.